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April 2008


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I want to share with you some of the things that have been written to me on what folks are doing with our products and what they think of them.

*From Vivien: The children at Latchkey are enjoying the painting again this year. We have 75 children paint this year’s Christmas gifts for their parents, grandparents and teachers.

They are already talking about the Easter project.

I have K through 7th graders doing individual projects. The parents are thrilled and I am enjoying teaching another generation of painters.

My grandchildren (9) always look forward to this time of year. Half are teenagers now. The still call me up and say what new gift idea can we make for our parents and grandparents. They just realized I had the pleasure of teaching and their time with me, but they had not painted one for me, so this year they all are working on a table cloth for me and with me. They enjoy the planning and the designing part as well as spending several hours talking with all the ideas. Then enlarging and making smaller the various designs. Or they free hand draw, or add on to.

I’m so blessed with time shared with each and every one of my grandchildren. The special memories and time shared talking about anything and everything, they are priceless. They even said, “GMa – you are going to teach your great grandchildren.” I said, “First you have to have them and that will be a while.” God willing I will be looking forward to again sharing with another generation of painters. And the tradition will carry on.

*TD: I found your site while browsing on the Internet. I currently use (a different paint) and I am an instructor for them. I recently ordered a bottle of Cameo paint just to see what it was like and I was amazed! I absolutely loved it! The ease of the paint bottles is wonderful.

* The P327/P328, Flour Sack Towels, are perfect for sewing together into a “salad sack”. These are for keeping your greens in when you put them in the refrigerator. Before or after you sew them together you could paint some designs on them and then put them up for sale in your next craft show or have them ready for a different kind of shower gift for that bride-to-be.

*I’m working on the new Flour Sack Calendar design. My goal is to get it out as soon as possible so you can get them ready for gifts or craft shows. I have had plenty of you that want this design.

Well, Mysti and John have been working hard at trying to find new colors for you.

Actually, just finding time that we can get together has been a chore. Mysti is in the midst of designing the set for a first run of a new full-length stage adaptation of Ron Dahl’s “Willie Wonka”, taking place at Pioneer High School in Ann Arbor, Michigan, opening on April 26th. She has been so busy that I finally set up a breakfast meeting with her on Wednesday.

We got a new colorant in and John got to play with it to see what he could come up with.

I think that we have the most complete and yet, diverse set of colors in the ‘fabric paint’ market today. We go from white to black and dozens of colors in between. We have an ever expanding set of Sparkle Paint colors. Our ball-point tip is absolutely the best on the market. And we are always trying to get even better as time goes on.


Monthly Special

Water Dragon T4761

April Special

Water Dragon (T4761) and a Large Tote Bag (P1492)

This would make a great class.

You can teach a lot of different techniques on it.

I think we need to think about those that are into fantasy. They come in all ages and both sexes. I think we should make them a nice large tote bag with a dragon on it. The tote bag could be used for a book bag, an over-night bag or just a bag to carry most anything in.

We’ll have a Fantasy Special this month. The P1492 – Large Tote Bag and the re-charted T4761 – Water Dragon. How about instead of costing you $11.60 – let’s go for a straight $10.00. That will give you a nice gift or craft show item. Order under MSAPR08 - $10.00. This Special is for the month of April, 2008.

Order under MSAPR08 for Just $10.00


Monthly Quilt Clubs

On the transfers for the monthly quilt blocks there is a big picture and a little picture. Obviously the big picture is for the actual quilt block. The smaller pictures can be used for matching little t-shirts or sweat shirts. They can be used for making matching pillows, curtains, dust ruffles, sheets, body pillow covers or maybe even matching towels and wash cloths for a connecting bath room.

Remind your customers that they don't have to make quilts with these transfers. They can use them on shirts and other things. They would make a cute outfit (according to which ones you used) for a little onesy for a baby or a matching sweat suit for a child or adult. How about making a western shirt for someone in your life using the Southwest quilt block transfers? How about putting a south west transfer on your horse blanket?

If any of you travel - these transfers are a good size to go on your luggage. For some luggage, you might have to put the transfer on the quilt block - then put Fabric Glue on the back - let it dry - then cut it out to put on your suitcase. (You might need to cut in multiple pieces to get the look that you want.) After you get it cut out - use the Fabric Glue to put it on the luggage. If you want it to last a long time - after that Fabric Glue is totally dry - put another coat of the Fabric Glue over the top of the whole design. This will, hopefully, keep it safer and make it last longer. When you do something like this it will make it much easier to spot your luggage on the luggage carousel at the airport. It might, also, get you some new customers. There's nothing like advertising to get people to notice what you sell.

New for April 2008

Click here to see All the Quilt Blocks

Boy Quilt Block April

Boy April

Girl Quilt Block April

Girl April

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Paint News

With 104 Cameo Paint Colors to choose from your sure to find the right color for your project.

There are 2 new colors in the line!

Well, Mysti and John have been working hard at trying to find new colors for you.

We are offering two (2) new paints this month. They are both made with the new colorant and will definitely add a new depth to our line of colors.

The first one is 301 – London Fog. This is a new Sparkle Paint. It is an almost transparent color with just the hint of earth-tone to it. It will work with any of the earth-tone colors that we now have in the Line or it can stand on its own. According to what you have it next to, (or on), it could be called a cold brown or a warm gray.

The second one is 302 – Raw Umber. This is a new regular paint. Again, John has taken Mysti’s suggestion -of needing a ‘cold brown line’, and has started making it happen. This is the first in this color family. It adds a much needed addition to the ‘earth-tones’ that we already have in the Line and goes really well with the large muted Country Pallet that we’re working on. (John said I should call it Dirt. I said I’ll tell people it is an earth-tone, that’s as close to calling it Dirt as I’m willing to go.)

I have been painting on the four (4) new transfers. Sometimes this is the main hold-up in getting the newsletter out at the beginning of the month. Sometimes they are already painted by the particular artist that sent me the design and sometimes they have it charted, but not painted. Then there are the designs that have nothing done with them at all.

I have to have them painted in order to put a color picture out in the newsletter. I finished the final one this morning. So here they are. I hope you like them.


301 London Fog

302 Raw Umber


Those of you who order the IK – the kit with one of each paint that is in Line

Remember that the cost has gone up now that there are 2 (two) new paints.

The cost is now $285.25. The retail cost of these paints is $316.94.

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Be sure to visit our accessories page and see all the tools and pens to make fabric painting easier.

With our accessories you to can make professional looking designs and pictures come to life on clothing, table cloths, linens, or most any material.

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Transfer News

This month we have 4 New Transfers


Transfer #T4758 - Landing Eagle

T4758 - Landing Eagle

Transfer #T4759 – Eagle Emblem

T4759 – Eagle Emblem

Transfer #T4760 – Hip Hop Frogs

T4760 – Hip Hop Frogs

Transfer #T4761 – Water Dragon

T4749 – Halloween Towel

Remember this hint: if you need to put on multiple coats of paint, you can always iron your design dry in between coats so you can finish up a design in one class.

Also, when you use your Dual Point Pens, the paint that you use them on must be dry or you will clog up your nib and it won’t work anymore. If you are doing faces, for instance, paint the entire face and put any shading on that you need to do – then iron the piece dry – then go back and detail with your C388 – Brown Dual Point Pen.

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Monthly Class

There will be One (1) class in the month of April:

Here are some class ideas.

Here is a suggestion for a Holiday Class. Using the Gift Set 1 (GS1) for $35.00, each person has everything that they need to finish the project. You will be teaching them to iron on their transfers – how to outline – how to do feather stroking.

You can do this in one class session and they can finish the project at home. If you do the class in October they will have enough time to get it done and put together and quilted.

For those that don't quilt – check out the senior's complexes. There are usually folks there that would love to quilt it for them and they can usually use the extra money. If you have an Amish community near you they, also, are good Quilters and usually don't charge too much.

You might be able to sell a few extra 'Sets' to ones that like giving a Craft for a gift. Since this set is a complete kit and has everything that they need to complete it that makes it perfect. This way the recipient has something to do after the holidays and when the weather is not so nice outside.

I think if you try this idea out you will discover a whole new way to put on a class.

Figure out what they are going to do – figure in everything that they will need to do the project – add it all together – you might want to discount it 10% so they are getting a good deal – set a date – then sign folks up for the class.

A good class for January might be the Sparkling Trees (T4651. It takes eight (8) paints. You want them to use the Open Tip Nozzles (C347) to paint this design. It can be done on a dark shirt (but one that is light enough to see the transfer lines) or on a Mini Flag (C322) and don't forget to add in the transfer.

Take $2.99 and multiply it by 8. This gets you $23.92. Then take $3.30 multiplied by 2 (you need two (2) packs of Open Tip Nozzles) to get $6.60. If you are going to work on a Mini Flag you will need another $4.95 (this price is going up to $5.25 in January so figure that into you class price if you are going to do it in January). The transfer is $1.65. The retail total of the class will be $37.12; when you take off 10% that leaves you with $33.41. I would even it out at 33.00. If you are setting up the class for after the price goes up in January, the retail price would be $37.42; I would charge still charge $33.00 total. This gives them everything that they need for the class, and if they don't get it finished, they get to take everything home with them that they need for the whole project.

If they took the GS1 class, you might let them choose different paints for the ones that over-lap in the two classes. Since the paints last so long it would be a nice gesture on your part.

A class for the spring of the year might be T4543 – Butterflies on a set of pillow cases.

This would use three (3) paints at $8.97, a set of pillow cases (P1594) at $11.95, a set of Fiber Blenders (C369) at $5.25 and the transfer at $1.65. That would bring the retail total up to $27.82; when you take off the 10% it would be $25.04; I would bring it down to an even $25.00. This gives them everything that they need for the class and adds to their set of paints. It, also, shows them how easy it is to paint on pillow cases. Everyone can use pillow cases – so the finished product could be a wedding gift, shower gift, birthday gift, new home gift, anniversary gift, etc.

A class for the summer time needs to be a fast class since there are so many other things to do in the summer.

Let's do something they can do as charted or add colors and still come out with something that they will like doing. Let's do T4198 – Sunflower on a Mini Flag.

This design takes four (4) paints at $11.96; a Dresser Scarf (P326) at $6.95; to be safe you should include two (2) of the transfers since they are pre-shaded and need to go on nice and dark; that would be $3.30. That would bring the retail total up to $22.21; when you take off the 10% it would be $20.62; I would bring it down to $20.00.

Of course, if they camp, they need things for themselves and the young ones to do when they are bored. Since these classes have everything that they need to finish, all they need to do is buy extra transfers and something to put them on and they have a 'time filler' for when it's raining or whatever the case may be.

I hope this gives you some ideas on classes that you can set up either at your house, at a Senior Center, at a customer's house, a camp ground, or wherever you can think of to do it.

I've tried to give some idea of how to set up the class prices.

Be sure that people understand that they have to pay you ahead so you can get the orders in and have the supplies for them at the time of the class. If they can't make it to the class for some reason – just set up a time they can come to you so you can teach them what they need to do to use the supplies that they have paid for. This way you don't lose money on someone who signs up for the class and then just doesn't come. If they have their money invested, they will follow through.

Once you have classes started you can set them up on a continuing basis. Say every month or even every week. This is how you earn money and get to visit and teach all at the same time.

If you start out with everyone doing the same class, they will all be learning the same techniques. They will be able to gradually add paints and supplies to their personal inventory.

Be sure at some point that you have them buy T4674 – Paint Dots, so they will be able to see what paints they have and what they need. Have them paint only the dots of the paints that they personally have. It's amazing how many paints you sell when they have this chart to fill in. I would suggest it at the third class. That way they have enough paints of their own to warrant doing it. As they attend more classes and buy more transfers, they will continue filling in the dots. (One of the gals that attend class out west put hers on a white tote bag (P1492) and that is what she carries supplies to her classes in.)


Classes Being Held by Our Friends in Other Locations

All the instructor/dealers that I put in this section have a lot to teach and would like to teach all they know to you. So contact them and get started now.


Missouri - Christy Lee is still giving her wonderful classes in Camdenton. Give her a call if you want to learn lots of new things. (573-346-5730)


Oklahoma - Helen Heitger has started building up her classes around Nowata. If you're interested just let her know. (918-818-0085)


Arkansas - Jean Prince is ready to hold classes for you around Little Rock. Let her know if you're interested in learning. (501-351-7539)


Arkansas - Pauline Laughlin is 95 years old and still going strong. She does a lot of craft shows and is always happy to teach folks how to paint. She's an internationally known quilter and painter. If you need some lessons or you just need supplies from somewhere around Rogers, just give her a call. (479-636-6396)


Brooklyn, Michigan - Lori Bartlett has started having classes at her house on the first Sunday of the month in the afternoon. She takes the techniques that she learns here and passes them on to her friends. It has been working out very well for her as she starts to make money in her new business - "Rae's Country Corner". Contact her on her cell phone at 517-392-7477 if you're interested in attending.


Blue Earth, Wisconsin – Sharon Pausewang will be glad to teach you how to use your paints. If you would be interested in taking classes with her contact her at (507-525-1037).


Millersport, Ohio – Phyl Phillips is there for you. If you would like to take classes with her contact her at (740-928-3117).


Linden, Michigan – Halleen Fisk has lots to teach you. I try not to keep her so busy that she doesn’t have time to have classes. If you would like to take classes with her contact her at (810-735-0100).


Florida - Rene McDonough gives classes twice a week in the Venice Area. Call her if you are interested in taking classes with her. (941-497-4242)


Florida - Sandy Wadelton is giving classes is the Leesburg Area. Call her if you are interested in taking classes with her. (352-787-4950)


Colorado - Rachel Fry has a good group going in Grand Junction. Give her a call if you are interested in joining them. (970-242-6091)


Alberta, Canada - Beverly Craig - This is a very nice lady, which has been helping people to learn about Cameo for a while. If you are in that area, you can give her a call at 403-224-3565. She will be glad to share her expertise with you and fill any orders that you have. She works with a wide variety of folks and would love to work with more.


What Our Friends Are Doing

Show us some of Your Work


Have you wanted a patriotic table cloth for all the patriotic holidays?


Patriotic Tablecloth



Well, here is Lori's tablecloth. She used four (4) different main transfers and then pulled the whole thing together with the stars that Halleen taught. Lori says she can use it pretty much all summer.




We would love to show our readers what you've done with Cameo Paints. Send us or some of your pictures and be sure to tell us about them and yourself.

See some of our past reader submissions in the Gallery

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Final Words

I’ve been trying to hold down the price on shipping – but now I’m starting to lose money on it and prices are going up at the Post Office starting May 14th. (Prices at other shipping places have already gone up.) The increases they are talking about, on top of what I was already losing, means that starting May 1st, 2007 my shipping prices are going to go up.

Remember that shipping is figured on your retail total before your discount.

If you think I should give you a lower shipping amount on your order because it is a small order, you can call and we might be able to adjust it some. No promises though. I’m not in the business of making money on shipping, but sometimes the small orders are what off-set the big orders.

Well, I guess that's all for this month. Keep that those suggestions coming. I need every one of them. See you at a meeting.

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