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My name is Ginger Wilson.

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A lot of you know me from meetings in Orlando.

When I heard the Company was going out of business I was just as upset and devastated as the rest of you. The difference was that I had mentioned to Robyn (head of the Home Office) that I would be interested in distributing the products if that was ever needed. When Mr. Schmidt decided that he had to stop, Robyn remembered what I had said, and told him. He was very happy about it. He has always considered this the best product on the market and he hated to let it go. He gave me a call and asked me if I wanted to take it over. I felt the same as the rest of you. It is the best and needs to continue. I talked to my husband, John, (that good-looking, long-haired guy that came with me sometimes) and we decided to take a chance. You know what has happened since.

One of the reasons that Mr. Schmidt felt he had to quit manufacturing was that our Sales-base just kept getting smaller and smaller. Some of you teach classes in a home party format, some of you teach at schools, some of you have stores, some of you distribute to stores, some of you buy for you and a few friends and customers and some of you buy for yourself. I love all of it and you are all doing a great job since I took over. I just need more of you.

If you are reading this and would be interested in becoming a dealer/teacher for us, please contact me. I need people, old and new, that want to take up the gauntlet of sales. Maybe you want to do craft shows, then getting your products at wholesale would make you earn more on the finished products that you sell. Maybe you want to open a craft store of your own, then you need a place to get your inventory at wholesale. Maybe you want to invite friends and neighbors in and teach them how to paint and relax and enjoy the company of others who like to do the same. You could take over teaching at the civic centers in your town. You could teach at the senior's complexes. You could teach within the criminal justice systems. (They are always looking for people to teach in-mates. Inmates are always looking for something to do that will be interesting and good.) Maybe you would like to teach in 'continuing education' in your area. (They are always looking for new and interesting things to do.) Maybe you have a women's group that gets together once a month and this could be something they could do to enhance their enjoyment and education at these meetings. Maybe you like to work with kids. There is 4H, Scouts, church youth programs, all looking for interesting things for the kids. Maybe your church has a building fund or an out-reach program. These always need ways to earn money and this could be the basis of that in a couple of different ways.

If any of this sounds interesting to you, contact me and we can talk. I need more people in the business in order to keep it going. I need YOUR help to stay in business and grow. Let's work together and accomplish things for your needs and ours.

You can make 36% to 50% in profit - to use in any way that you need. Let's do it!

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Everyone can enjoy a new dimension of creative painting with Cameo Decorative Paints, which are really easy and fun to use.

Cameo Decorative Paints are best known for painting on fabric but are also excellent for painting on many other materials. Cameo is the ultimate in fabric paint.

Cameo offers a complete selection of painting accessories, designs to paint and materials to paint on.

The paint easily cleans up with water. It's so versatile and so easy to use everyone, including children, will enjoy painting with Cameo.