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Welcome to Ginger's Cameo Tutorials

Halloween 'Make It and Take it' Class: (PDF){NEW Sept 2009} Go To Tutorial

Uses for Fabric Glue: (PDF){NEW Sept 2009} Go To Tutorial

How To Shade: (PDF){NEW April 2007} Go To Tutorial

How To Make T4552 Dimensional: Go To Tutorial

Multiple Transfer and Scenery Class:Go To Tutorial

How to Iron Your Cameo Transfer Pattern: Go To Tutorial

How To Use The Sparkle Paints (PDF): Go To Tutorial

Easy Painting Tips and Techniques: Go To Tutorial

  1. How To Paint With A Ball Point Tip

  2. How to clean and change a tip

  3. How to fix collapsed bottles

  4. How to care for painted items

Painting Techniques II: Go To Tutorial

  1. Paint Outline

  2. Paint Fill

  3. Paint Blend

  4. Base Color Blending

  5. Two Color Blending, Feather Stroking

  6. Painting Eyes

  7. Dimension and Shape

  8. Painting Hair

  9. Brush Painting

  10. Washing Technique

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