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October Seminar

October 1 - Here at Ginger's Cameo (4879 Sylvan Rd. – Manchester, MI)

At the October Seminar on the 1st, we learned to paint with a brush – using no transfers. It was only a couple of classes, but it let the folks there stretch their abilities a little bit. I know it's scary to try something new – but they all did it – and they did a great job at it.

The first class – we used an isosceles triangle and an equilateral triangle to make a jack-o-lantern face on a black shirt. We used the first one as the eyes, by laying it out on the shirt where we wanted the eyes and traced around it with a 101, White paint. We used the second one to trace in the nose. After that we filled the triangles in with a brush with 101. (After you iron these two sections dry – you can put on a second coat – and third – and fourth, using 101, 102, 103, or 104 or any other colors that you think would show through these holes on a jack-o-lantern.) Now just take your brush, filled with 101 and make a line for the mouth. It can be a smile, frown, smirk, and way you see the mouth going and now, using that line as a guide, brush in your paint in an up-and-down motion to fill the mouth in. The mouth will be bigger that just the line and it will be jagged at the top and bottom of the mouth. There you have your jack-o-lantern on a black shirt, without using a transfer design. Easy, huh? The second class – we dry-brushed in a sun-rise at the top - then brushed in a river or ocean at the bottom. Once that was all ironed dry – we took black and put in a silhouette of hills and trees. You can see the start of the use of perspective in these two paintings. The secret to this – be sure your paint is dry in between coats.

There are, also classes going on in your area. (See our Current List of Teachers)

Provide us with your information to be added to our list.

See our Online Tutorials for quick help!

Any of you that hold one class or more each month should get your information to me so you can be added to our list.

Don’t forget to get your registration in for the October Seminar on Oct.1st.

Registration will be $30.00 and bring a dish to pass.

Be sure to bring all your Cameo paints, brushes, blending tools, and something to paint on, (or you can buy what you need at the Seminar).

I’m looking forward to seeing all of you!!!

Our Teachers!

We have a lot of dealer/instructors that have their own web sites now and more coming on-line all the time.

Put Ginger's Cameo in your search line and see how many you come up with. After you find them all - find the one nearest you for your orders.


Set up as a Cameo Fabric Paints Dealer now.

(Tax license # is required to get dealer/re-seller discounts)


We're also on EBay (Crafting with Yvonne) and Amazon (Rae's Country Corner)

We're getting better known all the time thanks to all of you out there. Keep up the good work!!!!

British Columbia Taylor, Crafty Folks

Right on the Alaskan Highway, They will be running workshops at the store so you can learn right there how to use the products.

Arkansas - Little Rock, Jean Prince

Is holding classes for you. Let her know if you're interested in learning what she knows. (501-351-7539)

Arkansas - Rogers, Pauline Laughlin

95 years old and still going strong. She does a lot of craft shows and is always happy to teach folks how to paint. She's an internationally known quilter and painter. If you need some lessons or you just need supplies give her a call. (479-636-6396)

Colorado - Grand Junction, Rachel Fry

Has a good group going. Give her a call if you are interested in joining them. (970-242-6091)

Florida - Venice, Rene McDonough

Gives classes twice a week for her area. Call her if you are interested in taking classes with her. (941-497-4242)

Florida - Leesburg, Sandy Wadelton

Call her if you are interested in taking classes with her. (352-787-4950)

Florida - Lakeland, Kathy DeGroat

She has been teaching for many years. Her Dad helped her until he passed on. She teaches Monday through Friday. Her phone is: 863-858-1209 Her email is: kathid29@yahoo.com

Michigan - Brooklyn, Lori Bartlett

Has classes at her house on the first Sunday of the month in the afternoon. She takes the techniques that she learns here and passes them on to her friends. Visit her Website - 'Rae's Country Corner'. Call (517-392-7477) if you're interested in attending.

Michigan - Linden, Halleen Fisk

Has lots to teach you. I try not to keep her so busy that she doesn’t have time to have classes. If you would like to take classes with her contact her at (810-735-0100).

Ohio - Blanchester, Lisa Kinsley

Still giving her wonderful classes. Give her a call if you want to learn lots of new things. (513-535-3175) or email harleymama123160@yahoo.com

Oklahoma - Nowata, Helen Heitger

Has started building up her classes. If you're interested just let her know. (918-818-0085)

Tennessee - Knoxville, Yvonne Fields

yfields@comcast.net & Crafting by Yvonne on Ebay. She has been working with the Seniors in Knoxville and filling orders on-line. She is a good teacher and can help you out with questions and techniques. Give her a call at (865-540-1054


Wisconsin - Blue Earth, Sharon Pausewang

Will be glad to teach you how to use your Cameo Fabric Paints and accessories.

Canada - Alberta, Beverly Craig

This is a very nice lady, which has been helping people to learn about Cameo Fabric Paints for quite a while. If you are in that area, you can give her a call at 403-224-3565. She will be glad to share her expertise with you and fill any orders that you have. She works with a wide variety of folks and would love to work with more.