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Newsletter December 2005


I can't believe this is the last newsletter for this year. The year has gone so fast. We've gotten a lot accomplished - but there is still lots to do.

Well, I guess Winter is here. It got down in the teens for a couple of days just so we would know and we had snow. It wasn't a lot of snow, but it was there. It was under an inch here. Up north, where John was at, they had about 7 inches of snow. That is going to make Thanksgiving with the kids and grandkids very pretty, since that's where we go for Thanksgiving. We have a cabin, up in the middle of the woods, which has been in John's family for years. No 'phone, but it does have electricity unless something makes it go out. Great for relaxing

While my cousin Jean was here for the Winter Workshop - she took a couple of days to set me up some new programs. One of them is for the Transfer Covers. That's the piece of paper that goes in with the transfer to show what is in it and what the name and number of the transfer is and what colors are suggested to use on the transfers. Now all the transfer covers have to be re-done with the new 'cover' program.

We, also, started to put together the color charts for the transfers with a program on the computer. I know this one will be easier and faster, and look more professional. Right now it takes me three times as long to do them. I've got three done and you can really tell that I'm just learning. Luckily my youngest daughter, Mysti, (one of my two color techs) has used this particular program for a couple of years. Once we get up north for Thanksgiving, she is going to try to teach me a few things about it that I need to make this job easier and quicker. Of course, this is just like anything else; practice makes it easier and better. Hang in there when you get some of the new charts - since I don't really understand how to correct them yet. I will learn. We will be looking more and more professional as we go. As soon as I learn how to use the 'charting' program, I will teach Lori (my Jill of- all-trades) and the whole process will go much faster.

Now for the not-so-fun part. Let's get into the price changes that will go into effect on January 1, 2006. I was going to have the new color pages done, but I decided to just write out the changes for now. The January newsletter will have a copy of all the changed pages. That will be all of the kit pages and the accessories page and the linens page.

First let me say that I would not do the price increases if I didn't have to. I have had three to four price changes on everything that we carry during the past year. I was determined to not raise prices until January.

After doing some hard figuring - these are the prices that I have been forced into.



(They will all keep the same paints as now)



Okay! I'm glad to have that out of the way. Now I can go on to more fun things.

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Be sure to visit our accessories page and see all the tools and pens to make fabric painting easier.

With our accessories you to can make professional looking designs and pictures come to life on clothing, table cloths and linens.

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Monthly Special

Heat Transfer Markers

We now carry three (3) different colors of the Heat Transfer Markers, C527 - Dark Green, C528 - Black and C529 - Brown. Their retail price is still $3.75 for the rest of this year ($3.95 starting in January) so since there are a lot of you that have not tried our new and easy-to-use heat transfer markers, you can get one of each color in December, 2005 for just $10.00 for all three.

Once you use these I think you will like them. There is no shaking involved and no re-inking. It flows just like any other marker. You can push down to make wide lines or use a gentle touch to get fine lines.

Try them - I think you will like them. Order under Heat Set - $10.00.

Still Available Through the end of December is "Add-on Kit #1".

I messed up on the email version of the Add-on Kit. There really are ten paints in it. I will run this kit until the end of December.

This kit is the 10 newest paints that are not in the Super Deluxe Kit, 113-120-134-143-147- 148-151-154-172-174 + a mini toter.

Retail=$30.95 Sale=$25.00

We now have ten more paints in the regular line than will fit in the Carrier - so you need to put them in a mini toter. The mini toter will sit in the bottom of your Carrier and you can close the Carrier and carry or store it. Actually two mini toters will fit in the bottom of your Carrier - so I can get the line all the way up to 78 paints before I have to come up with a second 'Carrier' kit.

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Paint News

One New Temporary Color For December

The new monthly paint for December is #435 - Dark Mint

Wow! John has done it again. He came up with a great color for the last monthly color. 435 - Dark Mint It will go with the greens and with the blues. He just fascinates me. He goes down and decides what he wants to come up with and then he starts mixing colorants together until he has something that he likes. It's wonderful to have my hubby be so good at this. The colors that he comes up with (rather than making colors out of mistakes) sell really well. He just has a good eye for the job.

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Transfer News

There are 7 New Transfers Featured this month

Transfer #4654 Teddy Wreath

T4654-Teddy Wreath

Transfer #4656 Mr & Mrs & Friends

T4656-Mr & Mrs & Friends

Transfer #4657 Playful Penguins

T4657-Playful Penguins

Transfer #4658 Grip & Rule (2 in 1 Set)

T4658-Grip & Rule (2 in 1 Set)

Transfer #4659 Daisy & Giraffe

T4659-Daisy & Giraffe

Transfer #4660 Lighthouse


Transfer #4611 Motorcycle


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Fabric News

From Jersey T-Shirts to Purposed Linens and Bulk Fabric, Let your artistic side have some fun decorating your Home, Friends and Family. All here at Ginger's Cameo

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Monthly Class

There will be no December Workshops.

I will be busy getting the new paperwork ready, setting up new kits, seeing family and friends for the Holidays. You know, all that sort of thing.

I would like to pass on a few tips about painting to you all, though, in place of the workshops.

  1. When you use any fiber tipped pen, you must use it on dry paint. If you use it on wet paint, the paint will coat the pen nib and then the ink can't get out. If you clean the nib off, you might be able to get the pen working again. All you have to do is either use the pen before you paint or heat set the paint before you use the pen.
  2. When you are doing the easy way of shading (base-coat shading) take the medium color that is going on that part of the design and fill in the whole thing. Then take the darkest color and put it where the shading goes. Use your Fiber Blender to blend the dark color out. Then take your lightest color and put it in the highlight areas. Then take your Fiber Blender and blend that color out into the rest of the design.
  3. If you want to shade a little differently, start with your darkest color. Put it in where the shaded area is. Use a feather stroke to put it in and do a small area at a time. Then take your next to the darkest color and put it in the next area. Feather stroke out into the highlighted area and back into the shadow color. Then use your Fiber Blender to blend the two colors together. Continue in this way until the whole design is completed.
  4. When you use a feather stroke, remember that you put the paint down and flip it in the direction that you are feathering it out. The stroke should be heaviest where you start it and gradually go away as you get to the end of the stroke. This is a great way to shade. To get good at it you have to keep doing it. Practice will make it better and better. The other thing to remember is that some people can make the feather stroke going away from themselves and others can make it coming towards them. Try it both ways and see which way works best for you.
  5. When you iron a heat transfer on and it isn't dark enough in some places, just take a pencil and darken in the lines. When you paint the design the pencil marks will be held in by the paint.
  6. When you want to pre-shade your transfer yourself, you can do it with a pencil. Just feather in the pencil strokes where you want the shading to be. The paint will hold in the pencil strokes so that the shading will stay there after your design is done.
  7. To get more copies out of your transfer pre-heat the material that you are transferring onto. If you want to do two or three mini flags with the same design, lay them out one on top of the other so you have them all stacked up on one another. Run your iron over the top one and heat it up. Then iron the design onto that one. Flip the top one off right away and start ironing the next one. This way every thing stays heated and the transfer ink stays activated. This is how you get more transfers off of one design. Make sure that you don't iron the design off too dark, also. Every time you transfer a design onto the material you are using some of the ink off the paper. The darker you make the design the more ink you use.
  8. Pre-shaded transfers need to be put on darker than transfers that are not preshaded. It follows that you will not get as many copies from the darker transfer than you will get on one that you can put on more lightly and still use the design.
  9. If you are making your own transfers, using the transfer markers, all of the same things apply as I have put in the above paragraphs. Making your own transfers from scratch can be a great thing. Re-inking a transfer that you bought so you can continue using it only makes sense if it's not too complicated. Even at the new price of $1.65 it doesn't make sense to have to use too much time on re-inking.

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What Our Friends Are Doing

Marcie Morgan

I have had folks asking about Marcie Morgan down in Florida. She sent me these pictures. This is her newest creation, The March of the Penguins. It looks great! But I don't see a penguin on her hose. For those of you that don't know Marcie, she always painted her hose with a design to match her outfit.

Marcie is starting up classes again in her area, so I hope to see more from her. Maybe she will write out the "How to" page on painting on hose.

These are pictures of the front and the back of her outfit.

Good job, Marcie!!!

Marcie Morgan

March of the Penguins

March of the Penguins

March of the Penguins (Front)

March of the Penguins

March of the Penguins (Back)

Rozetta Bender

The following pictures are from Rozetta Bender. She is the one that asked for the John Deere yellow and we put out 199 - Bright Yellow. She said it worked great.

She sent me two of the John Deere designs to put out as transfers. They will be coming out as soon as I can get them charted. (Rozetta - could you help me out on that, please?) I already have them printed. A 1920's and a 1940's one.

Nice job, Rozetta!!! Thanks for sharing.

Rozetta Bender

John Deer Quilt

John Deer Quilt

John Deer Quilt

John Deer Quilt

John Deer Quilt

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Final Words

I'm really looking forward to the New Year. There is so much that I want to do. I have new things starting in January if everything goes right.

We will add the other two dual point colors to the line. So the new dual point kit will have eight colors in it.

I'm adding a Wall Hanging in the line in January. It will be approximately 30" x 20". It will give you enough room to use transfers that are printed either way. It will also give us room to do multiple transfers to make a scene. I'm really excited about them. They are at Terri's being sewn now.

Of course, we will have lots of new paints over the year. Some of them coming out in January, like the new Sparkle Kit, that will have twelve Sparkle Paints in it and a mini tote. We do already have some of the Sparkle Paints, so you're not really getting twelve new paints for it.

Some of the monthly paints that we have had come out this past year will be coming into the Line. I have heard from some of you on which ones that you want back in. So far I agree with everyone that has let me know what they want.

We have a lot of new transfers that are ready to come in a few at a time and we have some more oldies that are ready to come back in.

In January we will give you an opportunity to do two or three quilt block of the month plans. We'll try to have something for everyone. If any of you have suggestions on how to run this let me know right away. I have the transfers all printed already. Should I offer them in ones and maybe in sixes to a pack? So you would either get a pack with one quilt block and one transfer, or you would get a pack with six quilt blocks and six of the same ransfer. Does that sound right? One of the quilts will be Unicorns, one will be Flower Ladies and one will be Children's Animals.

I hope you all have wonderful holidays and I'll wear your eyes out in January with more stuff.

Okay, that's all for now.

I hope you all like what we're doing. Keep those suggestions and complaints coming. They are what make the Company what you want it to be. Rest your eyes for now, I'll write more next month.

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