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Painting Techniques:

  1. Paint Outline

  2. Paint Fill

  3. Paint Blending

  4. Base Color Blending

  5. Two Color Blending, Feather Stroking

  6. Painting Eyes

  7. Dimension and Shape

  8. Painting Hair

  9. Brush Painting

  10. Washing Technique

Easy Painting Tips and Techniques:

  1. How To Paint With A Ball Point Tip

  2. How To Paint With A Ball Point Tip (PDF)

  3. How to clean and change a tip

  4. How to fix collapsed bottles

  5. How to care for your painted items

How to Apply Your Cameo Transfer Patterns:

Transfer placement, Ironing, Darkness of transfer, Multiple ways of using the images on your transfer sheet are discussed. (Read More)

How To Use The Sparkle Paints (PDF):

The Sparkle Paints are a special blend of paint that has little dust motes of sparkle dust added to give them that little bit of sparkle that you see. (Read More)

How To Shade: (PDF){NEW April 2007}

To realistically paint an item, you'll want to show the way the light affects the color of an item. Illistrated instruction on shading. (Read More)

How To Make T4552 Dimensional:

Putting the T4552 – Duck w/ Dried Flowers on a Mini Flag (P322). This will make a nice wall hanging for fall. (Read More)

Multiple Transfer and Scenery Class:

Let’s use the new P324-Wallhanging as a canvas.

I’m using tramsfers T4666-Home and T4667-Traveling. I want to make a southwest scene out of this. (Read More)

Halloween 'Make It and Take it' Class: (PDF){NEW Sept 2009}

Do you know a few kids that would like to get together and make something for Halloween? Well, this is just the kind of project that they will love doing and showing off to their friends. (Read More)

Using Your Fiber Blenders

Fiber Blenders (C369) or (C371) are what I call “the magic sticks”. Because of the fibrous material that the blenders are made of, they grab the paint and move it easily. This is all you are trying to do when you blend colors together to make shadows and highlights. (Read More)

Making Your Own Hot Iron Transfers

You can use our Transfer Pens to re-trace one of our transfers that is no longer working.

Sometimes you want something different than anything that we have. Then you can draw your own design – trace it with the transfer pen – and you have your own artwork in transfer form. (Read More)

How To Do Rag Painting

Rag painting is just what it sounds like. Instead of using brushes or sponges or any of a number of things that you have used in the past to paint with, you are going to use a piece of rag to paint with. It’s amazing what you can do with a piece of old sheet or pillowcase or towel. (Read More)

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