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September 2008

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While I was at Monroe Fair some of my 4Hers and parents of same, came up and told me I should see how they placed with our paints and transfers. So I toddled off down to the 4H building with my trusty camera and got these two (2) pictures. I want to congratulate Amanda and Cheyenne on their ribbons. GOOD JOB!!!!

Monroe Fair 2008 4H
Monroe Fair 2008 4H

Mikayla and James had entries, also, but my camera ran out of batteries at this point. Sorry you two. You did a good job!!!

All of you distributors and instructors out there should remember that 4H groups are a good source of satisfaction as a teacher and good source of revenue. You can go in and teach the individual groups of young people, or you can teach groups of leaders. Try it - you'll like it.

Ginger's Fair Booth at Monroe 2008

Here is picture of my fair booth for those that are interested in doing fairs or craft shows. It doesn't take a lot of room if you remember to have drawers and shelves to put everything in or on. You can show off painted items by using them for covers on everything.

Rae's Country Corner Fair Booth at Jackson 2008

This is Lori Bartlett's Cameo booth at the Jackson Fair this summer. Again, you can see that you don't need a lot of room for a nice looking arrangement. She used painted items to cover the shelves and what was on them. Yet, she could carry a nice selection of everything that we carry to sell + a work area to show folks how easy painting is.

New Gift Set

Here is the second Gift Set: You get a Table Topper (P1220) + a Primary Kit (K004) + a Sandpaper Blotter + four (4) transfers (T4565) + directions on placement of transfers on a tablecloth. (Order under GS2)

Gift Set 2

You get all of this for just $45.00. The normal retail cost on this would be $53.00. You save $8.00 and get a great gift for someone for the holidays, birthdays, wedding showers, new home gift, etc. By putting a Primary Kit in there instead of just the colors that I think you need - the recipient gets to choose the colors for the Table Topper that goes with their décor.

The Table Topper is 52" x 52" and can be used on a small table as a regular table cover or on a bigger table, placed cat-a-corner, as a table topper.

You can do the transfer in blue and green if you want or any combination of colors that are in the Primary Kit.

You can put the transfer just as a center design or you can just put it in the corners or maybe in the center of each side or maybe you can combine all three ideas and have a table topper with lots of designs on it.

September Special

Fighting Stallions

The monthly special for September 2008 (MSSEPT) will be the K007 and the T4774. The Special price is $37.75. Yes! I'm throwing the new transfer in free. That means at $37.75 you are saving $5.85 on this great combination.

This Special would make a nice gift for someone for the holidays. It gives them the transfer and the paints to paint it. It looks great on a shirt, so maybe you want to buy them a plain shirt to go in the present and they are good-to-go.


Monthly Workshop

There will not be a workshop in the month of September:


2008 Seminar October 4th

Be sure to add this to your event calendars. Painting classes and group activities using Ginger's Cameo Paints and Transfers. Learn the techniques for professional quality fabric painting.

Register Online Now for the October Seminar of 2008 Register

Monthly Quilt Clubs

Since we have quite a few Quilt Paks in the Line now, I thought we should go over different ways to use the transfers that come in with the blank quilt blocks.

I know that some of you are not into quilting, but you like the sets of transfers.

Here are some things that you could do:

Instead of quilts you can make throw pillows with a different design on each side. That would give you six (6) different throw pillows. If you want to make twelve different throw pillows - or six - or nine -you just need to order extra sets of blank quilt blocks (P601-$5.25) to use for the back..

Instead of using the transfers on quilt blocks you can put the designs on shirts, flour sack towels (P327), mini flags (P322), tablecloths (P1220, P1221, P1222, P1223), a Wallhanging (P324), dresser scarves (P326), placemats (P1289), tote bags (P1492), pillow cases (P1595), pants, skirts, jackets. There are just so many different ways to use the transfers.

I like to put several designs on a single shirt. I buy men's shirts at yard sales and then I make it into a theme shirt. I might make a unicorn shirt, or a shirt of flower faces. I have a Christmas shirt with many different designs on it. How about a snowman outfit on a sweat suit?

There are just sooo many ways to use the Quilt Paks it boggles the mind.

I think this month I will do things a little different. I think sending you the cover pages of the two new quilts would let you show your customers a clearer picture of what they need to do the two (2) new quilts.

New for September 2008

Click here to see All the Quilt Blocks

Boy Quilt Block August

Boy September

Girl Quilt Block August

Girl September

Click here to see All the Quilt Block Sets

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Transfer News

This month we have 2 New Transfers


Transfer #T4773 - Country Cousins

T4773 - Country Cousins

They use the exact colors that are in the new K007 kit. I think they are just cuter than heck. What do you think?

To go with our new Old Fashioned Snowmen Quilt I want to introduce T4775 - Snowman w/ Tree. You can use this for a matching throw pillow - or - one lady in Ohio is doing 20 of them on shirts for gifts. I think you will get lots of use out of this one.

Transfer #T4775 - Snowman w⁄Tree

T4775 - Snowman w⁄Tree

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Paint News


With 107 Cameo Paint Colors to choose from your sure to find the right color for your project.


Those of you who order the IK - the kit has one of each paint color that is in Line

The cost is Only $288.25. The retail cost of these paints is $318.93.


Now I want to introduce our newest kit. It's is an old number - but a new kit.

K007 – Country Kit -$37.75 Retail = $41.95 Savings = $4.20


This kit includes the Mini Tote (C349) and 12 of our country colors.

The colors are: Greens = 119 & 193; Blues = 152 & 153; Browns = 168 & 302; Pink tones = 154 & 154 & 156; Orange to Light Yellow = 169 & 149 & 195.

If you set these up together you will see that Mysti has come up with a good country combination. She worked with it for a while, since we have more that 12 country colors, and she tried to set up the best combination that she could. It was really fascinating to watch her put them together and put splotches of paint down to make sure they were all in the right family. She would pick up other colors – then put them back – then pick some of them up again. It took a while for her to use her extremely practiced eyes to spot just the right color combination for us.

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Be sure to visit our accessories page and see all the tools and pens to make fabric painting easier.

With our accessories you to can make professional looking designs and pictures come to life on clothing, table cloths, linens, or most any material.

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Classes Being Held by Our Friends in Other Locations

All the instructor/dealers that I put in this section have a lot to teach and would like to teach all they know to you. So contact them and get started now.

We have a new craft store carrying our products. See us at 'Crafty Folks' right on the Alaskan Highway in Taylor, British Columbia. They will be running workshops at the store so you can learn right there how to use the products and they will have the products for you to buy. The address is 10501 99th St., Taylor, BC. Call and register for your class today (250-789-3720) or just go in and look around. Lisa will be glad to see you.

I know I have others in British Columbia that order from me - this store might be just what you’re looking for to pick up your products near you instead of waiting for them to come by Post.

We have a lot of dealer/instructors that have their own web sites now and more coming on-line all the time. When you're on the Web just put Ginger's Cameo in your search line and see how many you come up with. After you find them all - just check out the one nearest you and order. (You have to have your tax license # to get your discount from us to re-sell to others.)

We're also on EBay and Amazon.

We're getting better known all the time thanks to all of you out there. Keep up the good work!!!!

Missouri - Christy Lee is still giving her wonderful classes in Camdenton. Give her a call if you want to learn lots of new things. (573-346-5730)


Oklahoma - Helen Heitger has started building up her classes around Nowata. If you're interested just let her know. (918-818-0085)


Arkansas - Jean Prince is ready to hold classes for you around Little Rock. Let her know if you're interested in learning. (501-351-7539)


Arkansas - Pauline Laughlin is 95 years old and still going strong. She does a lot of craft shows and is always happy to teach folks how to paint. She's an internationally known quilter and painter. If you need some lessons or you just need supplies from somewhere around Rogers, just give her a call. (479-636-6396)


Brooklyn, Michigan - Lori Bartlett has started having classes at her house on the second Sunday of the month in the afternoon. She takes the techniques that she learns here and passes them on to her friends. It has been working out very well for her as she starts to make money in her new business - "Rae's Country Corner". Contact her on her cell phone at 517-392-7477 if you're interested in attending.


Blue Earth, Wisconsin – Sharon Pausewang will be glad to teach you how to use your paints. If you would be interested in taking classes with her contact her at (507-525-1037).


Millersport, Ohio – Phyl Phillips is there for you. If you would like to take classes with her contact her at (740-928-3117).


Linden, Michigan – Halleen Fisk has lots to teach you. I try not to keep her so busy that she doesn’t have time to have classes. If you would like to take classes with her contact her at (810-735-0100).


Florida - Rene McDonough gives classes twice a week in the Venice Area. Call her if you are interested in taking classes with her. (941-497-4242)


Florida - Sandy Wadelton is giving classes is the Leesburg Area. Call her if you are interested in taking classes with her. (352-787-4950)


Colorado - Rachel Fry has a good group going in Grand Junction. Give her a call if you are interested in joining them. (970-242-6091)


Alberta, Canada - Beverly Craig - This is a very nice lady, which has been helping people to learn about Cameo for a while. If you are in that area, you can give her a call at 403-224-3565. She will be glad to share her expertise with you and fill any orders that you have. She works with a wide variety of folks and would love to work with more.


What Our Friends Are Doing

Show us some of Your Work


We would love to show our readers what you've done with Cameo Paints. Send us or some of your pictures and be sure to tell us about them and yourself.

See some of our past reader submissions in the Gallery

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Final Words

I’ve been trying to hold down the price on shipping – but now I’m starting to lose money on it and prices are going up at the Post Office starting May 14th. (Prices at other shipping places have already gone up.) The increases they are talking about, on top of what I was already losing, means that starting May 1st, 2007 my shipping prices are going to go up.

Remember that shipping is figured on your retail total before your discount.

If you think I should give you a lower shipping amount on your order because it is a small order, you can call and we might be able to adjust it some. No promises though. I’m not in the business of making money on shipping, but sometimes the small orders are what off-set the big orders.

Well, I guess that's all for this month. Keep that those suggestions coming. I need every one of them. See you at a meeting.

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