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Newsletter August 2005


Wow! When I decide to over-tax myself, and everyone around me, I really do a good job.

John and Mysti sweated over new paints - and I kept asking them to try one more. There is good news and bad news on that front. The bad news is no new monthly paint for August ---- the good news is that there are lots of new paints that are going to stay in the Line.

I figured I was a month behind on getting the Winter Holiday transfers out in colored form. The good news is --- I got most of the old transfers done that are going to stay in the Line. The bad news --- the new holiday transfers are not coming out until next month.

I had lots of new transfers to put out, all printed, but not charted and packaged. The good news --- I got seven (7) of them ready to go. The bad news is --- you'll get the rest of them next month. (Or the next month.)

On top of trying to do all the above things, I have Monroe Fair next week. I will be leaving here to set it up on July 30th and the Fair ends on the 6th of August. I will be home the following day. John will be getting orders out while I'm gone. I will try to come home for one night during the week to catch up on things here. Maybe I will see some of you there. By the time you get this newsletter I will probably be there, so come down.

COMPANY WILL BE CLOSED DOWN FROM 8-31-05 'TIL 9-7-05. This is when I go down south to see relatives. We generally do a quick trip - but this time we will be making a few more stops. John and I talked about it and decided it was time that we took a few days off for vacation - so we are just going to close down for that period of time. Be sure to get your orders in to us in time for us to get them out before we leave.

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One New Item For the Month of August

The Dual Point Pens have gone over so well that I will be slowly discontinuing the Pilots and just keeping the Dual Points in the Line. Why buy a pen with one point when you can buy one with two points?

Would you like yellow or orange in these pens, also?

The new Black Transfer Pen will start showing up in your orders. I think you will really like them. You no longer will have to worry about pushing down on the nib to get more color, and blotching your work. We are working on the Brown Transfer Pen. Are there any other colors that you think are necessary to have in a heat transfer pen? Let me know.

New Black Transfer Marker (C528) Regularly $3.75 -Sale $3.25

Paint News

Seven New Colors For August

If you take 151 - 176 - 127 - 147, you will see that we now have four (4) purples (blue tones) that go together.

If you take 128 - 148 - 129 - 143, you will see that we, also, now have four (4) violets (red tones) that go together.

We've been trying for 113 - Rust for a while.

Mysti really didn't like the Country Rose and she had a hard time getting into putting the formula together. But we both like what we have now for 154 - Country Rose. It's a little different than the one that was in before, but it's a really pretty Country Rose.

I showed the gals at the Lansing Workshop the new monthly paint that we were going to call Bubblegum Pink. Halleen said that was fine - but it was really Blossom Pink. When I went home and found a tube of Blossom Pink, she was absolutely right. It's a perfect match - sooooo - no monthly color. Instead you get 172 - Blossom Pink.

I am including the new 'Paints' page. We now have 64 paints in the Line. For those that get their newsletter by email - we are making it into a pdf file.

For those that are instructors, this means the Instructor Refill Kit - IK00 (that's one of every paint in the regular line) is now $144.00 minus your discount. This is only for those that have gotten their Sales Tax #, or the equivalent, into me so that I have it on file. In other words, for those selling the paints to others.

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Transfer News

There are 7 New Transfers

I am trying to get the "Winter Holidays Transfers" on paper and in color for you. This month you will get the beginning of it so you can start selling to your craft people. I know a lot of folks get things painted up to sell at craft shows in the fall.

T4595 - Prancing Unicorn

T4595 - Prancing Unicorn

T4596 Butterflies & Pastel Flowers

T4597 FlutterBy

T4598 Koala Bear

T4599 Fire Dragon

T4600 Wild Road Flowers

T4601 The Overall Greatest

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Fairs & Craft Shows

If you are getting ready to do fairs, county, state or craft ones, be sure to advertise the paint kits as gifts for any age or sex. We have little kits from K004 - Primary Kit at $18.00 all the way up to K000 - Super Deluxe Kit at $185.00. (This is a good one or husbands to get their wives.) [Offer to wrap it for them and get it to their house before the holidays.]

At your fairs and craft shows be sure that everyone gets a copy of the page with the kits on it and with your contact information on it.

For those of you that have booths, or enter items into the fairs, make sure I get pictures of your booth, items and your ribbons, and at what place you won them.

I'll try to get a good picture my booth to put out there, too.

Here are some pictures of some of the things that Jan Smyth entered in the Fowlerville Fair, here in Michigan. I tried to get her ribbons, too. The one that is missing is the best of show for her shirt with the Country Wreath (T4212). I got a picture of the wreath, but not the ribbon.

Ironed transfer onto canvas

Ironed transfer onto canvas, then painted

Best of Show

Teddy Bears Blue Ribbon

She taped design on the inside of the  lamp shade, traced, then painted

She taped design on the inside of the lamp shade, traced, then painted.

T4600 Wild Road Flowers

Done on the side of a container.

Monthly Class

There will be Three workshops in August

August 13th - 2:00 PM - Jackson Area Workshop - Call for directions

August 15th - 5:00 PM - Temperance Workshop on N. Park

August 18th - 7:00 PM - Here at Ginger's Cameo Home Facility

July 31st thru August 6th - Monroe Fair - I'll have everything there if you need to pick up anything, and I'll be glad to show you how to do any technique that you don't understand.

Since the people at the Lansing Workshop painted Christmas transfers for me in July, and the Home Workshop was canceled, I will teach the different techniques associated with the Castle Transfer, T4592. These are straight outline and fill in, using a Dual Point Pen properly, and 'rag painting'. Doing different techniques with a little piece of rag.

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Final Words

Next month I'm enclosing an Application Form for you to fill out and get back to me. You did this for Orlando, but I don't have the information for my files. If you don't have a sales tax number, you really should get one. They are either free, or cost very little. You don't need a business name to get one and it makes sure that you stay out of trouble with the government.

I'm still working on the direction sheets for the old Christmas transfers that I am keeping in the Line. Hopefully whatever you order will be updated.

You're getting pages 1 & 2 this month. You'll get the rest of the colored pages next month. There should be 5 or 6 pages in all.

The numbers that you don't have are: T4379-GoldReindeer, T4132-A Child Is Born, T0569-Poinsettia, T4326-Holiday Snowman, T4607-Poinsettia Collar, T4383-Poinsettia Arch, T4608-Candy Canes, T4508-Mr. & Mrs. Snowman, T4537-Winter Wonderland, T4602-Holiday Lights, T4603-Snow Dancin', T4604-Christmas Elf, T4376-Snowflake Design, T4253-Christmas Tree Fashion, T4470-Snowman Family, T4326-Holiday Snowman, T4433-Sparkling Tree

You'll have the rest of them next month. Some of the old ones will be done and packaged before then, but the new ones won't be ready until next month. There is probably more but I can't think of them at the moment.

Okay, that's all for now. I have to go finish getting ready to leave for the fair tomorrow.

I hope you all like what we're doing. Keep those suggestions and complaints coming. They are what make the Company what you want it to be. Rest your eyes for now, I'll write more next month.

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