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May 2008


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Well, I think the weather has started to act like its spring. Although, as soon as I take all my indoor plants outdoors (about 35 of them some almost as high as the ceiling) we get a freeze-frost warning and it goes down too far when Im still trying to harden the plants so they can stay outside for the summer. Oh, well, thats actually how youre supposed to do it. Take them in and out for a while so they can gradually harden to the outdoors. They ought to be doing really well in a couple of weeks. (I hope!)

I had lots of calls and emails on the 2009 Calendar design so its ready to go this month. Its designed to be put on one of the Flour Sack Towels (P327/P328). You can center it put it at the top put it at the bottom, whichever way you want.

I designed four (4) different 2009s so you have a choice on that, also.

When you iron on the actual calendar, make sure you iron it on nice and dark. You can use the Dual Point Pens (C490) to add color even to the numbers and letters.

I went through the transfers and picked out some suggestions to put around the actual calendar. T4496 - T4428 - T4525 - T4536 - T4597 - T4651 - T4730 - T4745 - T4600 - T4650 - T4648 - T4535 - T4545 - T4532 - T4709 - or how about some of the small transfers that came with the quilt blocks the last couple of years. You can use these transfers alone or mix them together for some really interesting design concepts.

Im sure that those of you that are getting ready for craft shows will have a wonderful time playing and those of you that plan on giving them as gifts can make some one-of-a-kind designs to give.

I hope you all have fun playing with these. I know that I have about ten (10) that I want to make for Christmas gifts. That will be lots of different designs for different households.

Monthly Special

Southwest Butterfly T4763

May Special

Southwest Butterfly (T4763) and a Throw Pillow Cover (P1482)

This would make a great class.

My young man in Canada has been doing more pen and ink drawings. When he finished this one, he thought of us and sent it to me to make into a transfer. I think all you people out there that like butterflies and/or southwest will really like the new T4763 Southwest Butterfly. It will go on a shirt, on a pillowcase (P1594/P1595), on a Mini Flag (P322) or as in this months (MSMAY08) special on a Throw Pillow Cover P1482.

The retail price on this special would be $7.60 the special sale price is $7.25.

Order under MSMAY08 for Just $7.25


Monthly Class

There will be One (1) class in the month of June:

June 12 th 11 AM Let me know if you are coming!


Monthly Quilt Clubs

On the transfers for the monthly quilt blocks there is a big picture and a little picture. Obviously the big picture is for the actual quilt block. The smaller pictures can be used for matching little t-shirts or sweat shirts. They can be used for making matching pillows, curtains, dust ruffles, sheets, body pillow covers or maybe even matching towels and wash cloths for a connecting bath room.

Remind your customers that they don't have to make quilts with these transfers. They can use them on shirts and other things. They would make a cute outfit (according to which ones you used) for a little onesy for a baby or a matching sweat suit for a child or adult. How about making a western shirt for someone in your life using the Southwest quilt block transfers? How about putting a south west transfer on your horse blanket?

If any of you travel - these transfers are a good size to go on your luggage. For some luggage, you might have to put the transfer on the quilt block - then put Fabric Glue on the back - let it dry - then cut it out to put on your suitcase. (You might need to cut in multiple pieces to get the look that you want.) After you get it cut out - use the Fabric Glue to put it on the luggage. If you want it to last a long time - after that Fabric Glue is totally dry - put another coat of the Fabric Glue over the top of the whole design. This will, hopefully, keep it safer and make it last longer. When you do something like this it will make it much easier to spot your luggage on the luggage carousel at the airport. It might, also, get you some new customers. There's nothing like advertising to get people to notice what you sell.

New for May 2008

Click here to see All the Quilt Blocks

Boy Quilt Block May

Boy May

Girl Quilt Block May

Girl May

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Transfer News

This month we have 4 New Transfers


Transfer #T4762 - Cuddly Rabbits

T4762 - Cuddly Rabbits

Transfer #T4763  Southwest Butterfly

T4763 Southwest Butterfly

Transfer #T4764  Tiger Head

T4764 Tiger Head

Transfer #T4765  2009 Calendar Design

T4765 2009 Calendar Design

Remember this hint: if you need to put on multiple coats of paint, you can always iron your design dry in between coats so you can finish up a design in one class.

Also, when you use your Dual Point Pens, the paint that you use them on must be dry or you will clog up your nib and it wont work anymore. If you are doing faces, for instance, paint the entire face and put any shading on that you need to do then iron the piece dry then go back and detail with your C388 Brown Dual Point Pen.

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Paint News

With 106 Cameo Paint Colors to choose from your sure to find the right color for your project.


Those of you who order the IK the kit with one of each paint that is in Line

Remember that the cost has gone up now that there are 2 (two) new paints.

The cost is now $285.25. The retail cost of these paints is $316.94.

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Be sure to visit our accessories page and see all the tools and pens to make fabric painting easier.

With our accessories you to can make professional looking designs and pictures come to life on clothing, table cloths, linens, or most any material.

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Classes Being Held by Our Friends in Other Locations

All the instructor/dealers that I put in this section have a lot to teach and would like to teach all they know to you. So contact them and get started now.


Missouri - Christy Lee is still giving her wonderful classes in Camdenton. Give her a call if you want to learn lots of new things. (573-346-5730)


Oklahoma - Helen Heitger has started building up her classes around Nowata. If you're interested just let her know. (918-818-0085)


Arkansas - Jean Prince is ready to hold classes for you around Little Rock. Let her know if you're interested in learning. (501-351-7539)


Arkansas - Pauline Laughlin is 95 years old and still going strong. She does a lot of craft shows and is always happy to teach folks how to paint. She's an internationally known quilter and painter. If you need some lessons or you just need supplies from somewhere around Rogers, just give her a call. (479-636-6396)


Brooklyn, Michigan - Lori Bartlett has started having classes at her house on the first Sunday of the month in the afternoon. She takes the techniques that she learns here and passes them on to her friends. It has been working out very well for her as she starts to make money in her new business - "Rae's Country Corner". Contact her on her cell phone at 517-392-7477 if you're interested in attending.


Blue Earth, Wisconsin Sharon Pausewang will be glad to teach you how to use your paints. If you would be interested in taking classes with her contact her at (507-525-1037).


Millersport, Ohio Phyl Phillips is there for you. If you would like to take classes with her contact her at (740-928-3117).


Linden, Michigan Halleen Fisk has lots to teach you. I try not to keep her so busy that she doesnt have time to have classes. If you would like to take classes with her contact her at (810-735-0100).


Florida - Rene McDonough gives classes twice a week in the Venice Area. Call her if you are interested in taking classes with her. (941-497-4242)


Florida - Sandy Wadelton is giving classes is the Leesburg Area. Call her if you are interested in taking classes with her. (352-787-4950)


Colorado - Rachel Fry has a good group going in Grand Junction. Give her a call if you are interested in joining them. (970-242-6091)


Alberta, Canada - Beverly Craig - This is a very nice lady, which has been helping people to learn about Cameo for a while. If you are in that area, you can give her a call at 403-224-3565. She will be glad to share her expertise with you and fill any orders that you have. She works with a wide variety of folks and would love to work with more.


What Our Friends Are Doing

Show us some of Your Work


We would love to show our readers what you've done with Cameo Paints. Send us or some of your pictures and be sure to tell us about them and yourself.

See some of our past reader submissions in the Gallery

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Final Words

I’ve been trying to hold down the price on shipping – but now I’m starting to lose money on it and prices are going up at the Post Office starting May 14th. (Prices at other shipping places have already gone up.) The increases they are talking about, on top of what I was already losing, means that starting May 1st, 2007 my shipping prices are going to go up.

Remember that shipping is figured on your retail total before your discount.

If you think I should give you a lower shipping amount on your order because it is a small order, you can call and we might be able to adjust it some. No promises though. I’m not in the business of making money on shipping, but sometimes the small orders are what off-set the big orders.

Well, I guess that's all for this month. Keep that those suggestions coming. I need every one of them. See you at a meeting.

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