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Newsletter May 2006


Well, it's that time of the year. the time for the NEW PAINTS. There are six (6) NEW PAINTS at this time. They can be ordered right away.

155 - Country Pink This paint is to take the place of Dusty Pink. I'm going for a line of Earth Tones. This will be part of it. This is the light tone for Country Rose.

157 - Spring Green I had a lot of people that asked for this to come into the Line - so here it is. It's a great color. You can't have too many greens.

158 - Yellow Ochre This is an artist's color. You can use it to mix other colors or use it as it is. This is one of the Earth Tones. It goes with a lot of colors that are already in the Line.

159 - Blue Spruce We had to put this color into the line. It's a great Teal color. It will go with blues and greens. This color works as a shadow color with the Country Blues.

178 - Olive This is another Earth Tone. It is back in the Line - but it is not quite what was in before. This is a great color to use with 119-Sage.

179 - Pumpkin This color could have come in closer to Fall, but we don't have another set of colors coming in until November for the Winter Workshop. I felt that would be too late to really utilize it to its full extent. A great color!

That's it for this time. We'll have six (6) more in November.

I just knew that is what you would want to see first thing. I know that you have been waiting for them - and they are just the colors that we needed to add to the Line at this time. I know you will love using them. This is an earthy set of colors for the most part.

Okay - now for an up-date to the building project.

Ginger Helping out Ginger Helping out Ginger Helping out

I'm helping Something's there!! It looks like a building is coming!!

It really is moving right along. I just keep thinking about how much still has to be done before the Cameo Facility is up-graded to usable.

Monthly Quilt Clubs

There are three (3) different sets of quilt blocks. Each set uses a different set of painting techniques.

The Animal Quilt blocks are set up for outline and fill-in. These would be good for beginners. Children would love doing these colorful blocks. I have a couple schools that teach quilting classes to their students (elementary schools). These would be perfect to start a class at your school either during the daytime class times or in the after school latch-key times.

The Flower Face Quilt blocks give you a chance to teach shading and highlighting, how to use the Fiber Blenders to smooth the paints into the material and how to use them to smear the paint together in blending. These have you blending up to 4 or 5 different colors at a time. They, also, let you teach feather stroking as a technique to paint in hair and the fact that using lots of colors in hair actually make it look more real. This is an interesting class for everyone. 4-H groups could use this to make an entry-style project. You could get together with the leaders and teach them to teach, or you could run the classes yourself at their regular monthly meetings.

For those of you that are doing the Flower Face designs, I have a hint on their faces and make-up. Paint the entire face with the base color (105) and then do the lips. When you get done blending the colors of the lips together - use that same blending tool to blush a little of those colors on the cheeks. You don't want too much color and if you use your blending tool while the paint is still damp on it, it has just about the right amount of color to look like her blush. If you get too much on - just go back over it with the 105 to dull it down a little bit.

This is, also, when you put in the shadow color around her chin and on her nose.

The Unicorn Quilt blocks take in even more techniques than the other two. The first thing that you teach is how to do a dry wash. You can use a brush or a small piece of rag. Almost everything in these pictures needs to be shadowed and highlighted. You have to use your Fiber Blenders all the time.

Wait for the base paint to dry before you use your Dual Point pen. These are used on the Flower Faces and the Unicorns. Do the base painting - then make sure the paint is dry before you use your Dual Point Pens. This keeps the Dual Point Pens from bleeding out on the perma press and keeps you from ruining your pen nib by getting wet paint on it.

It has been really interesting to see how these are going over. Every month more and more people are doing them. As they decide on doing another Set - they order all the previous Sets That they need to do the whole quilt. So every month I have people buying #1, #2, #3 and now they will be getting #4. It's very gratifying to see these go out in such large quantities.

I spend a lot of time just being amazed as I am packing orders to go out the door at how wonderful you all are.

I have gotten comments on the little hints that I put in each month. I'll keep trying to come up with new things to teach and things to teach about.

I have to say, again, how happy I am with the Fiber Blenders. As I sit down to paint up the newest transfers each month, I love using them because they are just the right size and shape to smooth and blend the paintings that I am doing.

When you smooth the first layer of paint into the material, you are giving yourself a nice even layer to put on your shading and highlights. Don't forget to do that - it makes everything much simpler.

Animal Quilt Blocks

Flower Face Quilt Blocks

Unicorn Quilt Blocks

Transfer #AQ01-Animal Quilt Block Pak

AQ01 Animal Quilt Block Pak

Transfer #FFQ01 Flower Face Quilt Block Pak

FFQ01 Flower Face Quilt Block Pak

Transfer #UQ01 Unicorn Quilt Block Pak

UQ01 Unicorn Quilt Block Pak

Transfer #AQ02-Animal Quilt Block Pak 01

AQ02 Animal Quilt Block Pak

Transfer #FFQ02 Flower Face Quilt Block Pak

FFQ02 Flower Face Quilt Block Pak

Transfer #UQ02 Unicorn Quilt Block Pak

UQ02 Unicorn Quilt Block Pak

Transfer #AQ03-Animal Quilt Block Pak 01

AQ03 Animal Quilt Block Pak

Transfer #FFQ03 Flower Face Quilt Block Pak

FFQ03 Flower Face Quilt Block Pak

Transfer #UQ03 Unicorn Quilt Block Pak

UQ03 Unicorn Quilt Block Pak

Transfer #AQ04-Animal Quilt Block Pak 01

AQ04 Animal Quilt Block Pak

Transfer #FFQ04 Flower Face Quilt Block Pak

FFQ04 Flower Face Quilt Block Pak

Transfer #UQ04 Unicorn Quilt Block Pak

UQ04 Unicorn Quilt Block Pak

Transfer #AQ05-Animal Quilt Block Pak 01

AQ05 Animal Quilt Block Pak

Transfer #FFQ05 Flower Face Quilt Block Pak

FFQ05 Flower Face Quilt Block Pak

Transfer #UQ05 Unicorn Quilt Block Pak

UQ05 Unicorn Quilt Block Pak

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Be sure to visit our accessories page and see all the tools and pens to make fabric painting easier.

With our accessories you to can make professional looking designs and pictures come to life on clothing, table cloths and linens.

The Carriers now hold 60 paints. Terri re-did them a little. They look great! You can still use some of the loops for your accessories, but you can now use them for paints, too. You can get 10 paints per row.

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Transfer News

There are 2 New Transfers this month

As you will notice - the amount of transfers being put out each month has slowed down some. I have been using the time to get the Quilt Block Club pieces done first - then working on new and old transfers - to get them out in the newsletter so you will eventually have everything in color. Soon I hope.

Halleen's Showy Flowers

Showy Flowers transfer-T4678

T4678 Showy Flowers was originally charted as an 'out-line and pull in' type of transfer. I just couldn't help myself; I had to fill in with the Sparkle Paints.

You can see the way it is charted on the transfer page. Here is what it looks like as an 'out-line and pull-in' picture from Halleen. It looks good either way. This would be a good design for jeans, pillowcases, tablecloths, t-shirts and sweatshirts. I think you will find it to be just an all-around design.

Tall Ship

Tall Ship-T4679

The T4679-Tall Ship is just that. I have wanted this transfer in for a long time. I hope you all like it as well as I do. This was a pre-shaded wall hanging. I think it switched over really well. This will make a great 'guy' gift. Also, it uses one of the new paints in the charting (159).

New Transfers

Transfer T4678 Showy Flowers

T4678 Showy Flowers

Transfer T4679 Tall Ship

T4679 Tall Ship

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Popular Transfers

Transfer T4545 God Bless America

T4545 God Bless America

Transfer T4541 Fawn

T4541 Fawn

Transfer T4535 Pride In America

T4535 Pride In America

Transfer T4531 Two Of A Kind

T4531 Two Of A Kind

Transfer T4528 Neptune's Kingdom

T4528 Neptune's Kingdom

Transfer T4523 Crosses

T4523 Crosses

Transfer T4484 Rainy Day

T4484 Rainy Day

Transfer T4480 Winter Night

T4480 Winter Night

Transfer T4478 Praying Angels

T4478 Praying Angels

Transfer T4397 Cactus

T4397 Cactus

Transfer T4332 Indian Necklace

T4332 Indian Necklace

Transfer T4331 Wolves

T4331 Wolves

Transfer T4278 Cougar

T4278 Cougar

Transfer T4212 County Wreath

T4212 County Wreath

Transfer T4198 Sunflower

T4198 Sunflower

Transfer T5043 Birdhouse Collection

T5043 Birdhouse Collection

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Fabric News

From Jersey T-Shirts to Purposed Linens and Bulk Fabric, Let your artistic side have some fun decorating your Home, Friends and Family. All here at Ginger's Cameo

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Monthly Class

There are no Workshops in May

See You at the SPRING WORKSHOP MAY 6th

Painting Eyes

Thought I would put in some suggestions on doing eyes. This is what you do using three colors on the eyes, plus black for the center of the pupil and using white as the dot, or dots, of life to make the eye come alive.

The darkest color is applied to the outside edge of the iris covering one-half of the iris area. The medium color is used to fill in the balance of the iris. You highlight the medium color at the bottom of the eye with the highlight color.

Highlight color-bottom third of Medium color

Register Now for Spring Workshop
May 6th 2006

Now let's talk about the Spring Workshop.

There will be old supplies for sale here for the people that come. Some of them I already have packaged and ready for you.

There will be Gem Stones, all the sizes that we carried out of Orlando. I don't really have enough to put in the newsletter - but those that participate in the Workshop will have a chance to pick them up. The best thing to put them on with is 200-Glitter Base, and of course that will be here, too.

There will be t-shirts and sweatshirts in all sizes (except Large) and in different colors.

There will be old transfers and old linens.

In other words - be sure to bring extra money.

The schedule of classes for the Spring Workshop is:

  1. How to make your own transfers.
  2. How to Rag-paint in a background.
  3. The 'clown class' by Halleen Fisk.
  4. How to finish off the 'Multiple Transfer Class'
  5. Special guest (Mysti) who will do a mini-class on putting colors together and why. Also, showing some of the colors that we need to come up with in the future and why. This will run around noon since she has a show to run that afternoon.

I suggest a shirt for class #3, either a sweatshirt or a t-shirt.

Be sure to bring a full set of paints, scissors, a dish to pass, ideas to share and things to show.

I will have a Continental Breakfast starting at 8:00 AM. This time it will be homemade cinnamon rolls, coffee or tea and orange juice.

Door prize drawings will start at 9:00 AM and there will be one every hour after that for the full length of the Workshop.

We are going to work your tails off and teach you as much as we can about as many different things as we can in a one-day workshop.

You can stay as long as you would like and we can nibble on leftovers for the evening.

Here are some more pictures from our Winter Workshop 2005

We had food, fun and lots of learning from each other and the teacher of the moment.

Halleen was one of the teachers. She taught the Seven Santas Christmas Tree Skirt class. And of course everyone learned lots from her by asking questions and seeing what she was doing with other people.

Typical Workshop

Typical Workshop

Typical Workshop

Typical Workshop

Typical Workshop

Typical Workshop

Typical Workshop

Typical Workshop

Typical Workshop

Folks brought things to show and share with the rest of us.

Typical Workshop

Typical Workshop

Typical Workshop

Typical Workshop

Typical Workshop

Typical Workshop

Typical Workshop

Typical Workshop

Typical Workshop

Typical Workshop

Typical Workshop

All in all it was a great day.

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What Our Friends Are Doing

Show us some of Your Work

We would love to show our readers what you've done with Cameo Paints. Send us or some of your pictures and be sure to tell us about them and yourself.

See some of our past reader submissions in the Gallery

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Final Words

Just a couple more things to go over and I'll let your eyes rest up a little. The Spring Workshop is here on May 6, 2006.

Registration will be $25.00 just like regular and bring a dish to pass. Be sure to bring things to show and share.

For those of you that are French speaking, I have ordered some translation software. I don't know how well it will work, but let me know if you would like the newsletters in French and I will attempt it after I get the software in.

Okay, that's all for now.

I hope you all like what we're doing. Keep those suggestions and complaints coming. They are what make the Company what you want it to be. Rest your eyes for now, I'll write more next month.

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