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Newsletter November 2005


This has been a busy couple of months. I've been trying to get the Winter Holiday Transfers set up so we have a base to go on from now on - that meant they all had to be painted and charted or re-charted. The same thing goes for the Fall Holiday Transfers. Now I'm trying to get ahead of the curve. What other holidays do we need transfers for? All the holidays in winter, fall, spring and summer needs transfers. Do you have any ideas for any of them? I need all the help I can get. Maybe in the coming year I can get things out in a timelier manner. We'll see.

The transfers that I have put in this month, on the transfer page, are new and old. I'm trying to put a little bit of everything out each month - not just new or holiday ones. I hope this works for you.

I did not put all the scarecrow transfers in the Fall Holiday Transfer page. Scarecrows are for fall - but not necessarily for a specific holiday. Do you agree? I just really like scarecrows and snowmen. Must have something to do with my childhood. I have no idea what though. I was raised in Arkansas on a farm and in Michigan in Ann Arbor. The scarecrows must come from my Arkansas days and the snowmen from Michigan. I like snow angels, too, but I don't quite know how to make a transfer of one. I'll think on it.

The T4650-Other Lighthouse transfer was put in so you could change out the lighthouse in T4649-Lake Lighthouse. You can make a lot of different shirts for different people and have a different lighthouse in each one of them. We may be coming up with other transfers in the coming year that will be specifically made to mix and match.

After this month, there will not be quite so many transfers coming out per month. I just had to try to get them all out there for the holidays that are coming up.

In January there are going to be quite a few changes.

First of all there will be only one more monthly paint (December's) after this one. John and Mysti don't make very many mistakes and they usually have to make up a color on their own for the monthly paint. Usually it's a color not in the Line and it's usually something that we need. We can't chart new transfers with the monthly paints - because it's just here until it's sold out. Some of them are just gorgeous and we need to be able to chart with them. So starting in January there will be no more monthly paints. Instead, we will be making up new colors to put in the line every three or four months. That way, we can use them when we chart the new transfers or re-chart the old transfers. I wouldn't be surprised if some of the old monthly paints come back as Line paints in the future.

Do you have any you would particularly like to see in the Line?

If and when John and Mysti make a mistake, we will save them up and put them out as "limited edition" paints. They do make mistakes - just not very often.

There will be other changes - including a raise in prices. I'm sure everyone was expecting that to happen. I've had three increases in the things that we need to put out the paints, alone. Bottles, nozzles, tips, caps, the things that we use to actually manufacture the paint itself, labels and dots are just some of them. Pretty much everything will be going up in January.

In December I will be putting out all new colored pages on the paints and accessories. A new kit page will, also, need to be made up, since there will be changes in the prices of the kits and changes in the make up of them.

There will, also, be a new kit that will be coming out in January.

I will try to get all these things together so you will know about them in December. These pages will not be good until January - but you can get them copied and out to your customers so they will know what is coming up. Customers like to know things ahead of time, too.

Instead of the monthly paints, I have an idea that I think you will like that will help keep your customers ordering every month. I think this item will help you have at least one workshop per month, either in your home, or in a customer's home. I'll tell you more about it in the December newsletter.

I will be putting out more "How-to" pages in the coming year.

Is there anything in particular that you would like to see in this section?

One of the ones I will be doing is on "Rag Painting". At the Winter Workshop we will be utilizing some of this. It's fun, fast and best of all you only need some rags, which I imagine that we all have tucked away somewhere.

I've mentioned different aspects of this a few times in the newsletters and some folks have asked for it to be all written up. I think I can do it and make it understandable for everyone.

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Be sure to visit our accessories page and see all the tools and pens to make fabric painting easier.

With our accessories you to can make professional looking designs and pictures come to life on clothing, table cloths and linens.

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Monthly Special

The monthly special Now Through December is "Add-on Kit #1".

I messed up on the email version of the Add-on Kit. There really are ten paints in it. I will run this kit until the end of December.

This kit is the 10 newest paints that are not in the Super Deluxe Kit, 113-120-134-143-147- 148-151-154-172-174 + a mini toter.

Retail=$30.95 Sale=$25.00

We now have ten more paints in the regular line than will fit in the Carrier - so you need to put them in a mini toter. The mini toter will sit in the bottom of your Carrier and you can close the Carrier and carry or store it. Actually two mini toters will fit in the bottom of your Carrier - so I can get the line all the way up to 78 paints before I have to come up with a second 'Carrier' kit.


This was a hard one to come up with. There are just so many things that could be a special for this month.

This kit has a small tree skirt (P1224) + six (6) paints (101-105-110-116-121-185) + a sandpaper blotter + transfer (T4652).

The retail cost of this kit is $36.45
The special kit cost for this November Special is $30.00 only for the month of November.

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Paint News

One New Temporary Color For November

The new monthly paint for October is #434 - Blue Spruce

We were trying to come up with a color to make - since there weren't any mistakes to work with. Talking to Mysti on the phone, John and she came up with this idea. This is the time of year when you can really see the color in the Blue Spruce and we have several on the property. It sounded good to me and John proceeded to do a great job in manufacturing it. Enjoy!!!

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Transfer News

There are 11 New Transfers Featured this month

Transfer #4644 Thanksgiving Motifs

T4644-Thanksgiving Motifs

Transfer #4645 Large Cornucopia

T4645-Large Cornucopia

Transfer #4646 Young Scarecrow

T4646-Young Scarecrow

Transfer #4647 Holiday Friends

T4647-Holiday Friends

Transfer #4648 Pumpkin Scarecrow

T4648-Pumpkin Scarecrow

Transfer #4649 Lake Lighthouse

T4649-Lake Lighthouse

Transfer #4650 Other Lighthouses

T4650-Other Lighthouses

Transfer #4651 Sparkling Trees

T4651-Sparkling Trees

Transfer #4652 Seven Santas

T4652-Seven Santas

Transfer #4653 Fall Leaves

T4653-Fall Leaves

Transfer #4655 Merry Christmas & Fat Letters

T4655-Merry Christmas & Fat Letters

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Fabric News

From Jersey T-Shirts to Purposed Linens and Bulk Fabric, Let your artistic side have some fun decorating your Home, Friends and Family. All here at Ginger's Cameo

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Monthly Class

There will be only Two workshops in November

November 5th - 8:00 AM (Winter Workshop)- Manchester at the Home Facility

November 17th - 11:00 AM - Lansing at the Ponderosa on Cedar Street

We will be working on the Tree Skirt using the T4652-Seven Santas design at the Lansing meeting.

If you would like to make a Halloween set of pillowcases instead - those will be available to work on, also.

I hope you all show up for one of these workshops - that way you'll know how to get here for the Winter Workshop on November 5th.

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Winter Workshop 2005

November 5, 2005

Where: At the Ginger's Cameo facility in Manchester, MI

Time: Classes start at 9:00 AM (Continental Breakfast - 8:00 AM) Door prize drawings on the hour

Registration: $25.00 (includes some supplies)

Bring: A dish to pass (at the last Winter Workshop people decided that was the safest thing to do - since I don't cook.) Ideas and painted items to share. A complete set of paints - Fiber Blenders - Scissors

Classes: We will be working on the new Christmas Tree Skirt. Learning how to layout transfers and painting. I'm not sure what else we will be working on - but it will be a full day.

The schedule of classes for the Winter Workshop is:

I suggest a darker shirt for class #4, a light colored shirt for class #3, your choice for class #1 and of course you're going to be using one of the new Tree Skirts for class #2.

Door prize drawings will start at 9:00 AM and there will be one every hour after that for the full length of the Workshop.

Register NOW Online

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Fair Entries

My fair booth at the Monroe County Fair - August 2005

Paint Display made and designed by Mysti & John for my Fair Booth and Office.

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Final Words

Okay, that's all for now.

I hope you all like what we're doing. Keep those suggestions and complaints coming. They are what make the Company what you want it to be. Rest your eyes for now, I'll write more next month.

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